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Giant Danio

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Giant Danio 

Devario malabaricus

The giant danio, a tropical fish classified within the minnow family Cyprinidae, originates from Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the west coast of India. This species can reach a maximum length of 4-6 inches (10-15 cm), making it one of the largest among the danionins. It is identifiable by its torpedo-shaped body in shades of blue and yellow, complemented by gray and clear fins. Known for its somewhat aggressive behavior, the giant danio may assert dominance and bully other fish in community tanks.

In addition to their presence in aquariums, giant danios serve as dither fish in South and Central American cichlid setups. In this role, they play a crucial part by engaging larger cichlids. The cichlids, in turn, chase and defend their territories against the giant danios, fostering more natural behaviours in the cichlid community.

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Giant Danio

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