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Paradise Fish

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Paradise Fish 

Macropodus opercularis

Paradise Fish are very good beginner fish. They are beautiful and adaptable to various aquarium conditions. They are Native to East Asia from the Korean Peninsula to northern Vietnam. 

They are closely related to Gouramis and Bettas, and are also air breathers, who need good access to the water surface. The can gain oxygen by taking mouthfuls of air into their Labyrinthian Organ. They benefit from a generously planted aquarium and enjoy regular water changes. 

Similarly to Bettas, Male Paradise Fish make a bubble nest for the female to lay eggs into. Fry may be able to be raised in a separate tank after when they become free swimming. 

Minimum Tank Size - 40 litres, if in a community of other fish species a larger aquarium is preferable as they can be territorial. 


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Paradise Fish

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