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Catfish are a diverse group of fish named for their "whiskers" or barbels which they use to find food in the substrate. In general, Loaches are peaceful bottoms dwelling scavengers. Sharks are fascinating aquarium fish, useful to add interest to freshwater community tanks.

Clown Loach


Corydoras Sterbai Catfish 3.5cm


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Albino Bristlenose Catfish


Albino Rainbow Shark


Rainbow Shark


Silver Shark


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Black Shark 5cm


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Bristlenose Catfish


Black Kuhli Loach


Gold Sucking Catfish


Sucking Catfish


Pakistani Loach


Striped Kuhli Loach


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Bronze Corydoras Catfish 4.5cm


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Catfish L168 Pleco 7cm


Corydoras Albino Catfish


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