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Gold Zebra Danio 3.5cm

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Gold Zebra Danio 3.5cm

Danio rerio

The Golden Zebra Danio presents a striking color variant of the Zebra Danio, showcasing a vibrant and visually appealing appearance. Despite its small size, reaching approximately 2 1/4 inches (6 cm) in length, this fish stands out with its elimination of the dark blue stripes found in the normal Zebrafish. Instead, the Golden Zebra Danio features eye-catching yellow-golden and white stripes.

Maintaining the same level of activity and hardiness as its predecessors, this stunning variety is well-suited for both beginner aquarists and seasoned fish keepers alike. While Danios are generally known for their peaceful nature in freshwater environments, it's important to note that they may become nippy if not kept in a large enough school

Gold Zebra Danio 3.5cm
Gold Zebra Danio 3.5cm

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