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Betta - Male Assorted Colour

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Betta or Fighter Fish

Siamese Fighting Fish are scientifically known as Betta splendens and they certainly are splendid fish. They are very attractive, hardy fish that are available in many different varieties that have a wide range of jewel-like colours. 

Fighters or Bettas are one of the most popular ornamental fish that people keep in aquariums world-wide. Their popularity can be attributed both to their beauty and their minimal care requirements. 

Bettas have a specialised organ called the Labyrinth Organ which allows them to breathe air from the surface of an aquarium, this allows them to be kept in a tank without a filter system. Regular water changes and live aquarium plants are recommended to maintain water quality and enrich the bettas environment. 

Sometimes Male Bettas will make a bubble-nest on the surface of their aquarium - don't be alarmed it is a natural, happy behaviour. 

Adult size: Bettas can grow to 7cm

Diet: They are carnivores and enjoy Pisces Tropical Pellets or Flakes

Temperature: 22-28 degrees Celcius

pH: 6.0-8.0

Temperament: Fighters are Semi-Agressive as their traditional name suggests. Males should not be housed together. Males may attack other fish that look similar to a Betta. Siamese Fighter Fish can be kept in a tropical community aquarium with larger Tetras, Catfish, Rasboras or other peaceful fish. Some people like to keep a sorority of Female Bettas together as they are stunningly couloured fish and attractive in a group.

the-fish-farm Betta Betta - Male Assorted Colour Male Betta Assorted Colours - The Fish Farm
Betta - Male Assorted Colour

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