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Black Moor - 5cm

Black Moors are part of the Goldfish family - the world’s most popular aquarium fish, for its beautiful scales and ease of care. Black Moor Goldfish are famous for their distinctive protruding eyes. This unique feature, combined with their deep black scales, and flowing fins and tail, make them an excellent addition to your aquarium. 

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Goldfish were originally cultivated in China over 1000 years ago, and over the centuries, have been developed into many different types all over the world. The Black Moor Goldfish were selectively bred to enhance their telescope eyes, and have found popularity throughout the world.

Black Moor Goldfish have similar builds to Fantail Goldfish, with a round, egg-shaped body, and long flowing fins and tails. Their scales are a dark, velvety black, sometimes featuring shimmering gold or silver patches. The key visual feature of the Black Moor is their bulging telescope eyes. These eyes protrude from their heads to create their distinctive shape, making them a striking showpiece for your aquarium.

Black Moor Goldfish make peaceful tankmates, and are traditionally a schooling fish that do well when kept in small groups rather than solo. They are slow-moving so being in a group will help protect them from bullies and keep them safe from little nippers. 

We recommend feeding your Black Moors Pisces Goldfish Pellets or Flakes. Spirulina Flakes and Algae Wafers will provide valuable variety to their diet. We’ve found that Black Moors, like all Goldfish, enjoy eating Duckweed, which is easy to grow in your aquarium and is available from

These cold water fish thrive in water temperatures ranging from 8-23 degrees celsius, and as they produce lots of waste, we recommend good filtration and plenty of plants to oxygenate and clean the water, as well as enriching their lives and supplementing their diets.

the-fish-farm Goldfish Black Moor Goldfish Black Moor Goldfish - The Fish Farm
Black Moor - 5cm

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