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Comet Goldfish - Assorted Colours

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Comet Goldfish in Assorted Colours

These Gold Fish come in assorted premium colours. Comets are single-tailed goldfish. They have a flowing singular forked tail with two tips. 

Scientific Name: Carassius aratus

Goldfish are the most popular aquarium fish in the world and are a perfect addition to any aquarium or pond. Their vivid colours and hardy nature make them a great choice for both novice and experienced aquarists. Their brilliant colours brighten any tank, making an attractive and impressive showpiece.

They were originally cultivated in China over 1000 years ago and now come in many different types. 

These fish are grown in Australia.

Pisces Goldfish Pellets or Flakes are an ideal food for them. Spirulina Flakes and Algae Wafers can also provide a valuable variation to their diet. 

Cold Water Fish: 5-28ºC

They require a large aquarium with good filtration. Plenty of plants are important to enrich their lives, supplement their diets and oxygenate and clean the water. 

They are also suitable for ponds.


Comet Goldfish - Assorted Colours
Comet Goldfish - Assorted Colours

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