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Angelfish Golden

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Angelfish Golden

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Angelfish Golden

Golden Angels

An attractive type of Angel fish with shiny golden and silver scales. They are fairly similar to each other but will vary slightly. Angels have long graceful fins and a distinctive triangular shape. 

They are measured from the tip of their nose to the end of their tail and sizes may vary slightly. 

Scientific Name: Pterophyllum scalare

Angelfish, members of the Cichlid family, first originated in the Amazon River of South America. These fish are well-known for their unique shape and the wide range of color options, making them a highly sought-after species for aquarium enthusiasts.

Angelfish are peaceful community fish when they are juveniles, but as they mature and breed, they may become territorial and potentially prey on smaller fish.

Angels, in ideal circumstances, can grow to 15-20cm. They would require a large tank and very good husbandry to reach this size.

Angels are bred in many colour forms including Albino, Black, Gold, Silver, Marbled and Koi. 

Care Level: Angels are easy to care for.

pH: 6-7.5

Temperature: 24-28 degrees Celcius

Diet: Angels are Omnivores and enjoy Pisces Tropical Pellets or Tropical Flake Fish Food. They normally eat well and may enjoy Live Food, vegetables and frozen brineshrimp or bloodworms. 

Temperament: Generally peaceful (Territorial when breeding) 

Compatibility: Angels enjoy living in a small school of 5-7. They are also an ideal addition to community tanks. Generally, they are best kept with similar-sized fish for example Gouramis, Dwarf Cichlids, Mollies, Sharks, Catfish or Large Tetras such as Congo or Emperor Tetras.


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