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Oranda Goldfish - Red Cap

Part of the Goldfish family - Redcap Orandas stand out among other Goldfish due to their distinctive red hood (otherwise known as a wen or crown), the bulbous raspberry-like growth on the top of their head. This unique feature, contrasted with their shimmering silver scales, has made them a popular choice among Goldfish enthusiasts.

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oldfish were originally cultivated in China over 1000 years ago, and over the centuries, have been developed into many different types all over the world. The Redcap Oranda is a variant of Oranda - one of the many subspecies of Goldfish that have been bred to enhance certain qualities. Their striking red hood and bright silver scales makes Redcap Orandas an impressive showpiece in your aquarium.

Redcap Oranda Goldfish have a distinctive shape due to the red fleshy growth on their cranium, which begins to form in the first one to two years of the fish’s growth. This protuberance continues to grow throughout the Oranda’s life, resulting in truly spectacular older specimens. However, while visually impressive, the Redcap Oranda’s hood makes them slightly more challenging to keep than other Goldfish. You need to be wary of sharp or rough surfaces in your aquarium, as this can damage the Oranda’s hood if they bump or brush against them.

Redcap Oranda Goldfish are social, peaceful tankmates, but are relatively slow swimmers and can struggle to compete with faster fish for food.

We recommend feeding your Redcap Orandas Pisces Goldfish Pellets or Flakes. Spirulina Flakes and Algae Wafers will provide valuable variety to their diet. We’ve found that Redcap Orandas, like all Goldfish, enjoy eating Duckweed, which is easy to grow in your aquarium and is available from

These fish are best-suited to water temperatures ranging from 18-24 degrees celsius, and as they produce lots of waste, we recommend good filtration and plenty of plants to oxygenate and clean the water, as well as enriching their lives and supplementing their diets.

the-fish-farm Goldfish Oranda Goldfish - Red Cap
Oranda Goldfish - Red Cap

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